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  1. Thank You Donald!: What Trump Means for Germany's Future
    The cracks in trans-Atlantic relations caused by Donald Trump's election provide an opportunity for Germany to finally forge ahead with its own foreign policy. One that draws Europe together and fights for what is right.
  2. German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas: 'Syria Is Not Auschwitz'
    In a DER SPIEGEL interview, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas discusses Germany's position on Syria, criticizes U.S. President Donald Trump's Twitter diplomacy and calls for a tougher approach to Russia.
  3. Learning from Crisis: Inside the Effort to Improve Emergency Care in Haiti
    A year and a half after Hurricane Matthew, Haiti's health care system is still ill-equipped for another major disaster. Several innovative groups are now training doctors and nurses to better prepare them for catastrophes.
  4. The Power of the Algorithms: Pedro Domingos on the Arms Race in Artificial Intelligence
    In an interview, best-selling author and machine-learning expert Pedro Domingos discusses the global competition to take the lead in artificial intelligence, the advance of autocrats and the threats modern technology presents to Western democracies.
  5. En Marche One Year On: How Macron's Movement Is Transforming French Politics
    Nearly one year ago, Emmanuel Macron became the president of France. Since then, members of his En Marche movement have begun reimagining the world of French politics while governing the country at the same time. Can it work?
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