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Nuclear France
  1. ASN Imposes New Requirements for the CSM Waste Site
    February 15, J.-L. Lachaume of the French Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN) wrote to the director of Andra, the nuclear waste authority, in regard the maintenance of  La Manche Storage Center (CSM) for essentially short-lived waste of “low”- and intermediate-level radioactivity.  The Permanent Group of Waste Experts had examined various reports that Andra had submitted in […]
  2. Compensation for French Nuclear Test Victims: Undermining of the Law
    The first French nuclear test took place in Algeria February 13, 1960.  Some fifty years later France  passed a law to recognize and compensate the victims of French nuclear testing.  The Morin Law was published in the Journal Officiel January 5, 2010. Now a draft decree implementing the law have been drawn up and has […]
  3. Plans for a second French EPR move forward
    A public debate on construction of a European Pressurized Water Reactor (EPR) at Penly (Seine Maritime) will open March 22.  Two 1330 MW pressurized water reactors are already in operation at the site, which is located on the English Channel.  Penly 3 would be the second French EPR.  The first is under construction at Flammanville. […]
  4. EDF and Areva Reach Reprocessing Agreement
    Areva and EDF announced February 5 that they had reached an agreement on transportation, treatment, and reprocessing of irradiated fuel.  Starting in 2010 EDF will increase from 850 to 1050 tons of heavy metal per year the amount of irradiated fuel that it sends to La Hague for reprocessing and from 100 to 120 tons […]
  5. Dismantling a Nuclear Power Plant in France: Brennilis
    Although Brennilis (Monts d’Arrée, EL4) in Brittany is far from being a typical French nuclear power plant, EDF hoped to make its dismantling a showcase for its technology. Unfortunately for EDF, the operation has been on hold since 2007. The reactor, a heavy-water plant with a nominal capacity of only 70 MW electric, stopped  operating […]
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